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Book your FREE  30 Minute Mini Financial Assessment with Christian Certified Financial Planner and Founder of the MoneyMinding Academy, Sam Piercy Today!
Have questions or concerns about your financial situation? Wondering what it means to have true financial sustainability? Sam will answer these questions personally and point you in the right financial direction! Register Today, she wants to meet you! Click below to Learn More about the Mini Assessment with a  personal explain from Sam Piercy, and to Register Now!
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Book a Full 2-Hour Financial Assessment with Christian Certified Financial Planner and Founder of the MoneyMinding Academy, Sam Piercy! This is an in-depth financial consultation in which Sam will provide insight, advice, and financial recommendations for your future banking and money handling activities to help you create  true financial sustainability. You can explore financial questions and uncertainties with Sam who will provide Biblical and practical solutions that can change your financial mindset! Click Below to learn more about the Full Financial Assessment, Prices, and a personal explanation from Sam Piercy, and to Register Now!

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Sam Piercy, CFP
I am the author of the MoneyMinding for Financial Grace programs and materials. I have a professional finance background, and devote my time to educating, consulting, coaching and counselling clients, ministry leaders, and Christian Financial Professionals on financial systems to build and protect income for today and future generations!

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MoneyMinding Mentorship is Your Answer!


It’s designed to help address any financial need with a price-point, convenience, and non-intimidating environment anyone can take advantage of – young, old, rich, poor, employed, business owner, married, single – we all benefit in community, because often it’s not what you know, but who you know.

MoneyMinding Mentorship is about encouraging, educating, equipping, empowering and connecting you to a biblically based, financial community gathering to learn, increase, and release God’s love, resources, and Word into your life and the lives of the people God brings into your heart to bless through you.

Better Banking will give you inspirational, practical, and ‘street-smart’ strategies!
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Learn why the conventional financial mindset will sabotage your results
Incorporate charitable giving into your planning for lifetime sustainability